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The Two-Party System has Failed Us

The Democratic and Republican Parties only give the illusion of choice. The truth is both parties represent the 1 percent. That leaves you and I out. Only the wealthy special interests get heard.

Despite a job approval rating for both Democrats and Republicans in Congress at under 40%, most of them get re-elected 90 to 95% of the time. Doesn't add up.

Congressional Job Approval

Elections in America have become almost meaningless

Almost every election cycle Americans are left with little to choose from. As a result most of us don't bother to vote. The result is we only get select cross section of the electorate get represented. Therefore politicians take extreme or 1 issue positions since those are the only voters who come out to vote.

But by and large it is money that rules over our electoral system. Once again that leaves out the average voter.

More Americans call themselves Independents than Democrat or Republican

U.S. Party identification.png

If you get elected to Congress it is a job for life

Getting elected to Congress means you basically have a job for life. That explains why they nothing ever gets done. The politicians don't worry about the public thinks since they won't be held accountable at the polls. That also explains why the average age of members of Congress continues to rise. Many of the top political figures are barely able to speak because of their mental deterioration due to age.

Reelection Rates Over the Years   OpenSe

Congress has become a Millionaires Club

With the Duopoly has come great wealth of members of Congress. Public service has been replaced by self-interest. And nots limited to Congress. Presidents are now becoming increasingly wealthy. Both Clinton and Obama became millionaires while in office.

Reelection Rates Over the Years   OpenSe