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Mitt Romney proposes ‘patriot pay’ boost of $12 per hour for front-line workers

Why aren't Democrats proposing this? The party of workers in America are not calling for raising the wages of workers--especially those in harm's way:

Workers who face a greater risk of COVID-19 could receive up to $12 an hour more for the next three months under a proposal Sen. Mitt Romney unveiled on Friday. The Utah Republican’s “patriot pay” plan calls for one-quarter of the bonus to be paid by the employer and three-quarters by the federal government through a refundable payroll tax credit. “I think this is a matter of fundamental fairness,” Romney told reporters in a video press conference. “These people are taking a health risk providing food for us at our grocery stores, driving our buses and transit vehicles, making sure we have the health care we need in hospitals and clinics, keeping our hospitals clean.”
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