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Judge dismisses lawsuit by Houston hospital employees over Covid-19 vaccinations

This is was a stupid lawsuit. These fools were putting their own misguided concerns above health and safety of patients and co-workers. And healthcare workers they should know better. I'll bet these bozos get flu vaccines which are less efficacious than the Covid19 vaccines. And their children can't go to school without being vaccinated for all kinds of diseases:

A federal court in Texas on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit by 117 hospital employees who challenged their employer's vaccination requirement. In the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas' written decision, Judge Lynn N. Hughes said lead plaintiff Jennifer Bridges, a nurse, and 116 other Houston Methodist Hospital employees who challenged the requirement, had no case. The employees' lawyer, Jared Woodfill responded in a statement Saturday, "This is just one battle in a larger war to protect the rights of employees to be free from being forced to participate in a vaccine trial as a condition for employment."

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