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Calls for Alex Jones' Arrest Grow Louder After His $500K Donation to January 6 Rally Resurfaces

Why haven't any of them been arrested? Not Jones, Trump, Giuliani, Gaetz, etc., etc.

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones is facing online calls for his arrest after social media users resurfaced the conspiracy theorist's nearly $500,000 donation to a January 6 rally that preceded the Capitol riot. In a video posted from Washington D.C. on January 6, Jones said his media company paid to organize the pro-Trump rally that took place prior to the insurrection. He also claimed that the White House instructed him to lead the march to the Capitol. "No one would book the Ellipse, no one would book the other areas. No one would pay for it. We went and paid for it," he said. "It cost close to half a million dollars." Jones has previously faced calls for his arrest over his involvement in pushing Trump's baseless claim that widespread voter fraud caused his election defeat to President Joe Biden. In December, critics demanded the radio host be arrested for insisting that Biden would be removed from office "one way or the other."

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