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Are Dems Incapable of Defending Democracy? Or Just Unwilling?

It is abundantly clear, Democrats do not have the courage or integrity to stand up the fascism of the Republican Party. And that endangers our survival as a democratic republic. Neither Trump nor his enablers have been held accountable for their crimes against America. The Germans did the same with Hitler. And that didn't work out too well:

Ultimately, this issue is a test of how serious Biden and the Democrats are about their own rhetoric. If American democracy is indeed facing an “existential” crisis, then Biden should pull out all the stops to win over Manchin and Sinema: offer them any inducements that he has available—and threaten them with severe punishments for not toeing the party line. This is what Republicans are doing to recalcitrant members like Cheney and Mitt Romney. If the GOP can be in deadly earnest trying to undermine democracy, we have every right to expect Democrats to be just as organized, just as dedicated, and just as ruthless in preserving democracy.

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