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Democrats and Republicans have failed America

Two Parties, No Choice

America is facing an unprecedented crisis. An epidemic is killing our citizens. While at the same time we face economic ruin. And the government is incapable or unwilling to protect us. The president, in particular, seems to be more concerned about his political future than his fellow human beings. But this crisis was foretold. The politicians could have prevented it if they had listened to the experts.

For decades now government, meaning the Democrats and Republicans, have put the interest of big business and the wealthy before the general welfare. In the process they've ignored We The People. It's time to change all that.

No More Lesser of Two Evils

Despite the unprecedented ineptitude and criminality of Donald Trump, the Democratic challenger failed to win the election convincingly. It took days for him to be announced the winner. He and his party initially failed to take control of the Senate and lost seats in the House. Trump won more votes than Obama did 2008 and 2012. He increased his own popular vote percent from 2016 to 47%. How could that be? 

Some in the Democratic Party leadership blamed activists fighting against racial injustice and police violence for their failure. It was the opposite. Left-leaning Democrats won all their contests. Democrats underperformed because they turned their backs on progressive ideals that the public supports. Then again Democrats aren't about solving problems. They are about  keeping power. Over 90 percent of incumbents were re-elected. Both parties.

Donald Trump orchestrated the insurrection directed against the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th. He must be charged with treason, along with all those who aided and assisted this act. 


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Joe Biden is no champion of the people. He is a tool of Wall St., the banks, and corporations. 


Biden has not appointed any progressives to his cabinet, broke his promises, refused to commit to prosecuting Donald Trump for his crimes.

The people of America are standing up against police brutality and fighting to make sure Black Lives Matter. 


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Why was a black CNN reporter arrested? And his white colleague not? Doesn't seem that message is getting through. We need to reform law enforcement along with changing attitudes.