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Democrats and Republicans have failed America

Two Parties, No Choice

America is facing an unprecedented crisis. An epidemic is killing our citizens. While at the same time we face economic collapse. And the government is incapable or unwilling to protect us. The president, in particular, seems to be more concerned about his political future than his fellow human beings. But this crisis was foretold. The politicians could have prevented it if they had listened to the experts.

For decades now government, meaning the Democrats and Republicans, have put the interest of big business and the wealthy before the general welfare. In the process they've ignored the welfare of We The People. It's time to change all that.

No More Lesser of Two Evils

No country in the World is remotely close to America in the number of deaths due to the coronavirus. Our government has failed miserably and criminally. And it isn't just the Republicans. New York politicians were just as negligent. The two party system is literally costing Americans lives needlessly. 

There is also the question of police brutality. High profile cases caused thousands to take to the streets to remedy what is pervasive violence against African-Americans. There brutalization happens in cities runs by both Democrats and Republicans. Both parties are equally to blame. But there is a movement fighting back. Government refuses to act so the people are demanding action. And they succeeding. Activism works. Nevertheless, true will only come when there is a political revolution in America.

Donald Trump is a Threat to America

Trump is a conman who parlayed his media savvy and ties to the Russian government to ascend to power. Now is trying to establish a dictatorship in America.


On January 20th the American will do what the politicians failed to do--Remove Trump from power. We The People will #MarchontheWhiteHouse and remove Trump from power. Trump has said he ain't leaving the White House. He hints at creating a dictatorship/monarch. Trump is currently working to steal the election. Time to save our republic 

The people of Portland are standing up to fascism by continuing the protests in support of Black Lives Matter. They are being attacked by Trump's 'secret police.' They need our support. Let's give it to them.


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Why was a black CNN reporter arrested? And his white colleague not? Doesn't seem that message is getting through. We need to reform law enforcement along with changing attitudes.

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